Customer: Saima, an innovative startup headquartered in the United States, offers a revolutionary solution that significantly enhances audio and video comprehension, memorization, and focus. By introducing an innovative AI-based personalized adaptive speed technology, Saima has redefined the way we consume multimedia content, especially in online learning.

The core functionality of Saima lies in its ability to optimize the watch speed of audio and video content. Through its sophisticated AI algorithms, Saima identifies the optimal playback speed for each individual user, taking into account their information consumption capability. This personalized approach ensures that users can comprehend and memorize the content more effectively while maintaining their focus.

By leveraging the principles of cognitive science, artificial intelligence (AI) ad machine learning (ML) Saima helps users develop a heightened ability to concentrate and comprehend the content efficiently. This makes it an invaluable tool for students, professionals, and anyone seeking to maximize their productivity.

Saima is available as a Chrome extension, making it easily accessible to a wide range of users. With just a two-click setup process, users can integrate Saima into their browsing experience and start benefiting from its features. By enabling the auto-adjustment of video speed and the removal of pauses, Saima allows users to boost their comprehension and save up to 65% of their time.

Provisioned Service: Our main objective with Saima is to develop customized process setups based on Agile principles, which enables them to shorten delivery times within their continuous delivery pipelines and increase the efficiency of the value delivery chain. We employ several strategies to achieve this goal, including:

  • Support for resourcing and process setups,
  • Training and capacity development,
  • Ongoing support, monitoring, and improvement of the value chain.


We offer continuous assistance and guidance to Saima throughout the project lifecycle. This includes monitoring the implemented processes, gathering feedback from stakeholders, identifying areas for improvement, providing actionable plans, and working closely with the in-house team to address them. By consistently evaluating and refining the process setups, our goal is to enhance the overall project performance and ensure consistent adherence to quality standards.

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