Customer:  HopShop is a mobile app that helps shoppers to find and buy any accessories seen on the web, social media, or even in real life with the help of AI technology. Every time you get inspired by any clothes or accessories, you can screenshot it, upload it to the app, and Hopshop redirects to stores where exact items or very similar alternatives are in stock at that moment. HopShop currently works with 600+ fashion shops in the EU and US such as ASOS, Zaful, Adidas, and many others.

Project: HopShop is the winner of one of the world’s leading acceleration programs, Berkeley SkyDeck. During our collaboration, on August 15 of 2022, HopShop won the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC), one of the most prestigious startup competitions in the world, and has advanced to the Global Finals. Out of 30,000 companies from around the world, we were one of the top 100 finalists competing for a share of the US$1 million prize pool, which took place in March in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The team ceaselessly works toward expanding its presence on other platforms such as Android, and standalone totem kiosks. HopShop has been a part of the global STARMUS-International Festival of Astronomy, Science, Arts and Knowledge festival in Armenia and also participated in Product Hunt, getting about 400 upvotes on product launch day.

Provisioned Service: With HopShop our main focus was on creating tailored process setups based on Agile principles, which allowed our users to enhance performance and increase the efficiency of their value delivery chain. This was achieved through various means, including.

  • Delivering business value iteratively and facilitating sprints, continuously monitoring performance metrics, and identifying and addressing impediments through reflection during retrospective meetings,
  • Transformation of team culture, pushing it toward an Agile mindset rather than a fixed mindset, 
  • Additionally, we provided support to HopShop by assisting with resourcing and implementing essential process setups, including Quality Assurance measures.

Team Size: Over 16 team members, including AI and ML engineers, IOS developers, backend developers, frontend developers, UI/UX designers, and database engineers.

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