End-to-End IT Project Management

You got an idea! We can work closely together to bring it to reality. Here is where our cross-functional team joins, taking your vision and turning it into a functional end product. We closely collaborate with you to:

This approach allows us to get the job done for our partners, and deliver expected results, saving you from dealing with all the hassle along the way.

Agile Enterprise

Agile being a mindset rather than a methodology, in agile enterprises and teams create new business models, provide improved customer experiences, create digital products, and design highly automated operating systems to drive the enterprise's digital transformation.

Agility is being set on fire, and its transformational benefit is becoming widely recognized. Meanwhile, since it requires a mindset change, the creation of a corresponding ecosystem in the company can often be tough, especially for established, mature companies. There is no one size fits all and there are several paths to agility and many different starting points.

We partner up with you to:

UpRove aims to dismantle static, siloed, structural hierarchies, and turn them into more flexible ones with networks of teams functioning in rapid learning and decision-making cycles. Instead of focusing on hierarchy-based governance, becoming agile requires every stakeholder to instill a common purpose, and empowers teams with decision rights. The outcome of becoming an agile enterprise is to combine velocity and adaptability with predictability, stability, and efficiency.

This is our core package for scaling Agile across your entire organization, improving processes, speeding up time-to-market, enhancing quality, improving company culture and employee morale, and becoming a truly adaptive organization.

Believing that agile is a mindset and culture rather than a pure process, we invest heavily in human talent and company governance.

People and Organization

Corporate culture being the main cornerstone has the highest impact on performance and employee turnover. We believe that proper company culture, and embracing values, not only boosts productivity but also serves as the ultimate control and risk mitigation mechanism.

We examine the functional effectiveness and capacity of your IT environment by bringing together a distinctive blend of industry experience. Taking a deep dive into the decision-making and product development processes, we come up with recommendations, corresponding action plans, and support with implementation and measuring their effectiveness.

This gives an actionable plan for re-engineering the governance culture, which embraces an Agile mindset and processes.

Learning and Development

At UpRove we think that winning in the digital era requires bold ambitions, which should not turn into an illusion and needs to be combined with flawless execution.

With clear and practical guidance from our servant leaders, you can streamline workforce development procedures and boost employee productivity. We join you, bringing our experience and expertise to the table and merging it with yours, supporting the journey of scaling up talent and team capacities.
In a rapidly and ever-changing digital world leadership and talent become even more essential components for turning any strategy from pure vision into measurable actions.
We set up our training programs based on your needs, and help your teams reach their full potential.

We realize the importance of adaptability in an uncertain world, where the only certain thing is change. If you are interested in a career shift to the IT ecosystem, we encourage you to reach out to us, and our team will serve to your success.