Customer: Nork Technology Center is the technology office of the Republic of Armenia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, in charge of the design, development, deployment, and maintenance of over 25 online platforms serving the social protection sphere. Nork TC continuously works with the RA Government and international stakeholders such as the UN, Asian Development Bank, European Commission, and others to enhance and develop digital by default human-centric services.

Project: E-Disability project is aimed to increase the efficiency and transparency of assessing disability through the redefined evaluation process in Armenia. To ensure quality data, and to make citizens’ experiences better, the platform proactively exchanges data to/from various other social protection databases and state registers. This information is then used to automate the decision-making process by feeding it to machine learning algorithms, and also random assignment of necessary field experts who will participate in the assessment committee if necessary. Through the application of automated algorithms, the inherent risk of subjective human judgment and fraud is considerably reduced.

Provisioned Service: We provide End-to-End IT project management service for Nork TC during which E-disability project was defined and designed from scratch. Analysis was performed to identify business requirements for the process in need of reengineering. After project planning and transformation activities, various key points were identified and targeted, including 

  • Managing and supporting the entire project, from its inception and planning to the design, deployment, and maintenance stages,
  • Effective resource allocation, ensuring that the project is well-resourced and executed efficiently,
  • Creating Strategy Roadmap, defining and prioritizing milestones for delivering business value through the project,
  • Other auxiliary people management activities ensuring that the team stays focused, engaged, and working towards successful project outcomes.

E-disability being a government project, the magnitude of changes was challenging for the team. The latter was managed through an iterative and incremental approach, during which effective risk management, mitigation planning, continuous reflection, and improvement activities were applied aimed to prevent major disruptions. The proactive Agile approach helped to maintain project stability and made the outcomes more predictable.

Team Size: Over 43 team members, including data and business analysts, data scientists, database administrators, DevOps engineers, backend developers, frontend developers, automated/manual QAs, and UI/UX designers.

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